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In this website you will find very useful information about Tlaloc's Spanish program, where we focus on teaching Spanish while the participants/students become volunteers or have an internship at the same
time (non-obligatory) , believe it or not, this method has helped a lot to the former participants to get acquainted with the language from the barely first day!

The participants/students get to choose between taking part of this Mexican adventure in Cuernavaca "The City Of The Everlasting Spring" or the magical beach of Puerto Escondido Bay.

Cuernavaca City is located in the state of Morelos and it's only about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Mexico City's International Airport (by bus)

Puerto Escondido Bay is the 4th best place to surf in the whole world (after Hawaii, Australia and Finland) and is located in the state of Oaxaca, just about 2 hrs flight from Mexico City's International Airport.

If you're interested in learning Spanish the way it is spoken in Mexico, and you're also considering in becoming a volunteer or having an internship in order to gain experience and provide with the support to those who most need it as well. Then we're talking the same language! Come to Cuernavaca or Puerto Escondido, where you'll feel like "Mi Casa, es Su Casa!"

Come on in and join the team!

The program that Tlaloc offers is well structured; you will obtain a lot more for less money in so little time - guaranteed.

Don't delay,
learn Spanish today!

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